Michael Silverman documenting innovation at work


When I see something I like I want to learn more. I love the power of electronics. It's amazing what you can achieve with modern technology. As a kid I always had an interest in computers. I remember in high school I spent many late nights on IRC learning. mIRC scripting was the first language I learned. I couldn't believe the time I could save with a script. If I wanted to share the song I was listening to in WinAMP, there was a command for that. If I wanted to show my computer stats, there was a script for that. I took mIRC scripting as far as I could, from creating a file server to an eggdrop script. The best of all, it would do what I wanted and only what I wanted. How beautiful it was that when I typed a command, a predetermined action would occur. From there I went onto the world of modding and hacking. There I learned how to solder. I really enjoying modifying existing hardware to do something new. If there is something that makes my life easier I like to share it with others. I'm a true believer in doing something myself. If it's something I can do, I will. I never fail, because I always learn something.

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